Ease of use. As a student of the Xhosa language, I found it very time consuming looking up indivudial Xhosa words in my Xhosa/English dictionary when trying to decipher a piece of Xhosa text. Having a bit of background in progamming, I set about creating this website to enable me (and others) to easilly look up Xhosa words as you type (i.e. Live Dictionary). The website has been designed to be provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
How it works. Easy, just type in an English or Xhosa word to search for. The system will automically detect whether an English or Xhosa word was typed. Search results are then displayed ordered by relevancy. Exact matches will be displayed first, and then partial matches.

For example, if you searched for the Xhosa word "into" (thing), results will be returned in the following order:
1-> into (exact match)
2-> into eninzi (at the beginning)
3-> beka yonke into apha / beka into (at the middle or end)
4-> intombi (another word starting with your search term)
5-> yintoni? (match found inside another word - matches are ordered by difference in number of characters)
Did you mean. Xhosa Live Dictionary will suggest the correct spelling in case of a spelling mistake. E.g. if you searched for tembisa, where the correct spelling is actually thembisa.
Database. There are currently 19964 words and phrases in the database. New words and phrases are added often with the goal to make this website one of the best resources for Xhosa<=>English translation on the web. If there is a words or phrase that you could not find while searching, please let me know via the Contact form and I will make sure to include it in the database.